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Bringing you the best love songs of all time! Including featured artists and your requests.

Richie Palmer (Born July 31st 1984) Had an interest in music from the word go! His Dad was in a Rock band in the 70’s that toured GI bases in West Germany and almost had a break auditioning for TV talent show “New Faces”.

He learned to play the guitar and also had lessons to play piano. This stood him in good stead when joining his first band as lead singer in 2001, Mars Bonfire.

Mars Bonfire took the local music scene by storm and played the pub circuit all around Herefordshire & Worcestershire, with most of the members of the band at under 17 years of age this was a fantastic achievement.

Richie would go on to be the front man for another local band Stryder who would go on to compete at the Global battle of the Bands at the 02 arena Birmingham in 2005.

As a mobile DJ Richie has played all around Herefordshire, Worcestershire , Gloucestershire and even further afield, including a 7 season residency in Menorca, Spain.

His radio career started at the beginning of the Covid-19 Pandemic in the March of 2020 when he started Bromyard FM with a group of local DJ’s & Musicians to entertain the local population. The station was hugely successful from the word go and quickly managed to gain a following from all around the UK and from Bromyard ‘expats’ from all around the globe.



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